About us

Plants with purpose

Being surrounded by plants is beneficial for both mental and physical
health. This is a fact proven by many scientific studies. However, many
people still haven’t discovered the value and great benefits of using plants
as natural decorations to improve indoor environments. They find it
difficult getting the right plants, or too complicated taking care of them.

Our mission is to make great indoor plant solutions attainable for
everyone. Through constantdevelopment and strict quality standard,
we work hard to deserve our position as a leading supplier of unique, durable
plants and plant decorations to discerning customers around the world.

Loving plants has never
been easier

EasyCare® is a range of plants with outstanding standards
of durability and sustainability. The plants are selected
from among the most resilient that nature has to offer,
and they hardly need any care.

All EasyCare plants have passed our most extensive
durability test; 45 days without any light and water.
Furthermore, these plants are potted in sustainable coir
soil made from 100% coconut husk, which ensures long
term stability of the soil texture and enhanced root health.

Nature life & happiness

MyGreenHome® selection are perfect plants if you enjoy
seeing beautiful things thrive and grow. Give these
plants a little of your attention in terms of water and
light, and they will reward you by creating a green lush
atmosphere in your home or workplace.

In order to secure a high and consistent quality, all
plants are grown and selected by our professional
nursery-men. You will find useful and easy-to-follow
care-instructions at our website.

About Feldborg

FELDBORG was established in Denmark in 1988 by nurseryman Claus Feldborg. From the outset, we have specialized in tropical green plants. Our team of 200 dedicated and enthusiastic people grow more than 40 species of tropical green plants in 120,000 square meters of greenhouses and 25 hectares of fields in Denmark and Thailand.

We cooperate with a strong network of plant suppliers in Europe, Asia and Central America, and can meet almost any request of delivering high-quality plants around the globe.

Through constant development and stringent quality standards, we work hard to maintain our position as a leading and attractive supplier of exclusive, sculptural and durable plants and plant decorations.

Our plants and plant decorations are branded with the EASYCARE® trade mark and are characterized by classic Scandinavian design combined with Asian aesthetics and an Asian eye for detail.

We see plant-growing from a global perspective. Production is located where climate conditions ensure the highest possible quality and the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Propagation and vegetative growth take place in the tropics, in the plants’ natural environment. Then we load the plants into reefer containers and ship them by sea to their final markets to be sold. There the plants are acclimatized to prepare them for life in surroundings with less light and a climate quite different from their original habitat.



Photos from HORTIQ in Thailand. Here our plants are grown, acclimated and prepared for their journey into your home. This is also here our main production of seedlings takes place.