Plant care guides

Fiddle-leaf Fig

Ficus lyrata is one of the most trendy plants at the moment, originaly from the tropical lowlands of the West African rain forests.

The plant prefers an evenly humid peatmoss, to check if you lyrata has enough water, simply try to put a finger into the soil, if it feels dry, water it right away, if it feels humid simply leave it for another few days. But be aware, just like almost any other plant, the lyrata does not like to have permanently “wet feet”.

The plant loves bright sorroundings, but does not like direct sunlight all the time. Lyrata appreciates a little bit of liquid fertilizer during the summer period. The plant is a fast grower, and therefor annual repotting in a larger pot with fresh peat is needed to keep it fresh.

Tolerate temperatures from 10 to 30°C.